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All posts tagged "Chris Anderson"

  • ‘Lessons worth sharing’: TED’s super cool educational videos

    Have you ever sat in a classroom and listened to a fantastic lesson that piqued your curiosity, and wished you could share the experience with other students that may not be as lucky as you? Or, conversely, have you sat in a really boring class and thought that physics would be a lot more interesting if your teacher was that guy from Mythbusters? TED may have found the answer. The global non-profit organisation recently took another step into the world of education when it announced its new TED Education (TED-Ed) YouTube channel in March. Now the organisation has launched a...

  • The ‘closing’ web: The Memeburn interview with Chris Anderson Pt I

    With additional reporting by Michelle Atagana and Steven Norris. If you don't know who Chris Anderson is, you don't really understand the internet. He's one of the great technology thinkers of our time who has given us new ways of understanding how the medium has influenced business and society, and where it is all going. Anderson is the editor of Wired Magazine, an authority on tech culture, trends and innovation. Time Magazine called Anderson...

  • Coming soon: Exclusive Memeburn interview with Wired’s Chris Anderson

    Memeburn will on Wednesday publish a fascinating two-part interview with prominent internet commentator and Wired Magazine editor, Chris Anderson. Anderson was named by Time Magazine as one of the world's most 100 influential people. He is due to speak at Discovery's Leadership Summit in Sandton with other luminaries such as former US Deputy President and prominent environmentalist, Al Gore. The Wired editor is most known for popularising two key ideas that have helped shape internet thinking today: The Long Tail and Freemium. Companies like Google, Amazon and Netflix are longtail companies, using the internet's ability to reach a wide, varied...

  • Media? What's that?

    There is so much confusion on the future of media, journalism and news -- demonstrated with utmost clarity (or lack thereof) here in a Spiegel interview with Chris Anderson, Wired editor and respected author of the Long Tail. In a fairly grumpy interview, Anderson himself seems to get confused -- at first refusing to use the terms, then appearing to concede. I wonder why? Time zone issue? Woken up for the interview at...