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All posts tagged "Crowdfund"

  • 13 crowdfunding platforms that are shaping 2013

    It’s been roughly a year since the JOBS act (Jumpstart Our Business Startups) was put in place allowing certain regulations and securities encouraging crowdfunding or micro-financing in the US. From crowdsourcing t-shirts, education or even people, entrepreneurs have adapted to the changing scenery of investment innovations. 2012 was the year of Kickstarter as more than 500-million dollars have been pledged to fund almost 40 000 projects on this popular crowdfunding site. Are the recent crowd-based enterprises just an inevitable post-fad ripple effect? Or are they future symptoms possible of disrupting traditional concepts of finance, markets or economics? In this...

  • Crowdinvest, ‘worlds first crowd sourced investment platform’, launches

    Any new startup, scratch that, any business should be solving the universal issue of “what problem can my company solve?” Crowdinvest, a venture by three ambitious Cape Town locals aims to address the need of the burgeoning startup in a distinctly un-Kickstarter like way. How so? By crowdfunding projects through social networks, word of mouth and whatever else fits the bill. Anton Breytenbach, Jay Thomson and Jaco van der Bank are the trio...

  • Can’t find an investor for your startup? Try crowdfunding [Infographic]

    Companies in the tech industry have now reached financial heights of being the most successful companies in the world (Apple) and attaining valuations of US$18-billion upon their IPO’s going live (Groupon). Startups, however, have found that, as with the rest of the global economy, belts have become tighter. Venture capitalists and angel investors are no longer as willing as they once were to provide that much-needed funding. Despite talks of a "tech bubble" in the wider industry, the problems faced by start-ups in finding funding have been so prevalent that even The New York Times has reported on it. Facing these...

  • Where in the world is CrowdFund?

    Almost a year ago, or eleven months ago to be precise, a brilliant crowd-based angel investment project was introduced to the South African tech startup stage, called Crowdfund. The idea, started by well-known web strategist Eve Dmochowska, included big plans for crowdsourcing funds for worthy local startups. The idea behind it all was to provide the capital, know-how and networking capability required by young entrepreneurs to launch prototypes of their ideas, in exchange for equity -- a dream come true for any entrepreneur. Dmochowska’s project shot off the starting blocks like Usain Bolt at the Olympics. By the end...

  • New SA crowd-source fund hits R1-million

    Crowdfund is the South African tech industry’s latest step toward fostering a culture of angel investment for online start ups in South Africa, and it’s taken off at rocket pace. After launching in March of this year, the fund has banded together 229 investors to raise a total of R1-million in capital for budding online start ups. After less than thirty days since its inception, Crowdfund is already primed to spark new entrepreneurial life in South Africa. The investors enthusiasm about Crowdfund  illustrates a wide-spread recognition that South Africa has the potential to become major player in the global tech industry if...