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All posts tagged "Google Voice"

  • Google Voice: Now available in 38 new languages

    Google Voice, the Skype-like component within Gmail, has opened itself up to 38 more languages as well as many more countries outside the US. Previously, only US users could access Google Voice for landline and mobile calls. Now, however, users in South Africa, Turkey, Russia, Portugal, Vietnam, Serbia and many others can logon to their Gmail accounts and start making phone calls at greatly reduced rates. Gmail's US rates, as outlined in...

  • What should Google be doing in Africa?

    Google has done what few other tech companies have done on this continent. Having 54 countries to scale across isn’t easy. However, in a speech I gave to a delegation of around 30 Associate Product Managers who are exploring leadership positions within Google -- along with Marissa Mayer, Google's Vice-President of Location and Local Services -- I looked at what is Google doing well in Africa (that they should continue) and what the company should be doing better, differently or new in Africa. So far what they have done well and should continue with is as follows: They’ve invested in...

  • Google Voice finally arrives on iPhone

    Google launched a Google Voice for the iPhone application after a lengthy dispute with Apple that drew the attention of US government telecom regulators. Christian Brunschen, a Google software engineer, said in a blog post that Google Voice for iPhone was available for immediate downloading from Apple's online App Store. "We're taking the Google Voice experience on the iPhone to a whole new level with the launch of the official Google Voice for iPhone app," Brunschen said. Google Voice allows users to merge their home, office and mobile phones into a single number. It also allows them to make cheap international phone...

  • One million Gmail voice calls in first 24 hours

    At first glance, it would seem that Google has a smash hit on its hands. According to a tweet from @Google, the new Google Voice service which allows you to make calls from inside Gmail has already been used over 1 million times during the first 24 hours. That's an impressive start, even by Google's high standards, and confirms the suspicion that Skype executives must be wringing their hands nervously and praying that this is just a passing fad and everyone will come back to the familiarity of Skype. Internet news blog Mashable reports that Gmail had over 176...

  • Make cheap phone calls from your Gmail account

    Gmail users have just received a completely new weapon to add to their arsenal of total communication: The ability to make cheap voice calls from your Gmail account to mobile phones and landlines. Before this new development, the ability to communicate using voice required both Gmail users to be logged in and sitting in front of their computers. All that has changed and the folks over at Skype must be shifting nervously in their chairs. In a bid to encourage adoption of this technology, Google have made all calls to the US and Canada free "at least until the...