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All posts tagged "information overload"

  • Nevermind information overload, we live in an age of conversation overload

    I can deal with information overload -- if I didn't get to read that special article everyone is sharing then no big deal. But conversation overload is an entirely different thing. As a journalist I have trouble keeping up with the conversations in my email, yet today I have conversations everywhere and in new places. There's email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, my two blogs, then there are SMS messages, voicemail (which I never check) and the latest is: Google+. The problem with conversations is that they are more important than not reading that great article... Conversations are with people that I work...

  • Conflicting ideas on the future of social networking

    Mark Suster made some interesting predictions on the future of social networking at the Caltech/MIT Enterprise Forum, not all of which I agree with. I’ve summarised some of his thoughts, and added my own predictions at the end of this blog. 1. “I don’t believe users or society as a whole will accept a single company (Facebook) “locking in” our vital information”. History shows that people “accept” things until there is a better alternative. Facebook certainly has weaknesses, and if better alternatives come along that compensate for the network effect from which Facebook benefits, then people will begin using...