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All posts tagged "internet access"

  • Afrihost adds budget option to Fixed Wireless LTE-A lineup

    South African ISP Afrihost has announced a budget option to its Fixed Wireless offering, running on the Rain Network backbone. "Afrihost is going all-in and now offering Free LTE-Advanced Modems with signups until the end of November," the company announced in a press release. "This is on top of the Double Data that users can lock in until the end of November 2018." Alongside its more expensive packages, like the 330+330GB Anytime Data offering at R1549pm, Afrihost is introducing a new entry level product to the lineup. "We are also launching a new 25+25GB Package today at R299pm to cater to users with...

  • The mobile web: Why the future really is on the small screen

    According to a report on Reuters last year, world wide mobile phone subscriptions reached 3.3-billion users or half the world’s population. Compare this to television usage (about 1,5-billion users) or desktop internet usage (about 1,1-billion users), and it is not hard to see why there is so much excitement about the potential of the mobile web. In Japan more than 70% of internet access is via mobile phones as opposed to desktop internet...

  • The future of the mobile internet: An interview with Arthur Goldstuck

    I had breakfast with internet guru Arthur Goldstuck this morning and, together with Avusa's Colin Daniels, we got into a fascinating debate about the future of the mobile web and internet. Eventually calls will be over the internet as opposed to the traditional cellular networks, and perhaps we may even see the end of the SMS, to be replaced with IM. Coupled with this, you could expect mobile call costs to plummet....

  • 12 predictions for the web

    IBM Chairman Thomas Watson famously predicted in 1943: "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers." In the same decade the magazine Popular Mechanics also weighed in, predicting that "Computers in the future may weigh no more than 1.5 tons." Even Microsoft founder Bill Gates predicted in 1981 that for computer memory,"640K ought to be enough for anybody." Computers now come standard with more than 3000 times that....

  • Despite broadband growth, SA internet grows marginally – Goldstuck

    Arthur Goldstuck's new research at first glance appears to be at odds with the recent statement Nielsen//Netratings issued that internet growth in South Africa is "exploding", based on the local and international growth of the top 30 OPA sites in the country. The Nielsen figures are independent, audited statistics that show that the major sites in this country are experiencing increased usership, but they are a sample (albeit a very large one)...

  • The power of information

    People are still asking today how it was that the world failed to mobilise during the Rwanda genocide. Nearly a million Africans were hacked and slaughtered, making it one of the most appalling genocides in history -- yet the world didn’t lift a finger. Could it be that the world (and even Africa itself) doesn’t really care a jot about what happens on the “dark continent”? Or is it the case the world...