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All posts tagged "Jaiku"

  • Google kills Buzz, hedges bets on Google+

    Google has announced that it will kill its social networking tool Buzz as it seeks to put its energy into the young, but fast growing Google+ community. "We aspire to build great products that really change people's lives, products they use two or three times a day," Google product vice president Bradley Horowitz said echoing a sentiment frequently expressed by chief executive Larry Page. "To succeed you need real focus and thought --...

  • The Google graveyard: 20 products that failed

    In the web world, failure is as much a feature of innovation as success. You have to fail to succeed. When you're a company with practises as innovative as Google's you're bound to fail along the way. The search giant's well-documented policy of having its employees dedicate 20 percent of their time to projects they feel passionately about has resulted in some of the company's biggest successes. Gmail, GTalk, Google News and AdSense are all web products that have emerged from this "20 percent time". In a company that produces as many products (and it has produced many, many...