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All posts tagged "leweb london"

  • Niche social apps will save us from the AI Armageddon [LeWeb]

    Soraya Darabi has been thrown into social media and in five years has gained more experience than most of you reading this combined. She went from media to the startup world with brief stints at Drop.io (acquired by Facebook) to Foodspotting and is now getting ready to launch her own startup. Speaking at LeWeb London, Darabi said something interesting. She believes that the future of social is niche applications. She's putting a dream team together with developers from The New York Times, Drop.io and Foodspotting. And surprisingly her startup has nothing to do with social apparently (I'm guessing media-based)....

  • YouTube founders to lift veil on their new site Zeen next week [LeWeb]

    The mystery around Zeen, the new site from the founders of YouTube will be lifted next week. That's the lowdown from co-founder Chad Hurley, who was speaking at LeWeb London. At the moment, there's precious little information about the site, aside from the promise that it will allow people to "discover and create beautiful magazines". Zeen is the latest project from Avos, the company that Hurley and fellow YouTube founder Steve Chen started last year. In April 2011, it was announced that AVOS had purchased Delicious, before acquiring social analytics company Tap 11 a month later. The company also...

  • Instagram is all about speed, not being ‘bitchy’ like Twitter [LeWeb]

    Instagram isn't in any hurry to go into video-sharing. And it's down to one simple factor: speed. "Users want a faster experience, they want to produce quickly," says the popular photo-sharing app's founder Kevin Systrom. Systrom was speaking at LeWeb London 2012 -- the British edition of the leading tech conference usually held in Paris. His speed obsession is fitting given that the conference's theme is "Faster than real time" -- an exploration of our need to share and the amount of data we currently create. Systrom, who took the stage with celebrity chef Jamie Oliver (Instagram's...

  • LeWeb London 2012: The social media stream

    Popular tech conference Le Web took a trip over the Channel this year, for the "Faster than real time" LeWeb London. The line-up of tech leaders and thought leaders features the likes of TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom, Klout's Joe Fernandez and Evernote CEO Phil Libin. We'll be curating all the social media buzz around the two day event using Storify. LeWeb is a special place for Memeburn. The...

  • All hail your new digital overlord: Joe Fernandez of Klout [LeWeb]

    You would expect the person that wants to rank everyone on the internet by their popularity to be a total douche bag. For all the crap that Klout and it's CEO, Joe Fernandez, get, he's actually a surprisingly mellow guy. Klout wants to rank everyone by how influential they are. If you are a normal person then Klout seems like the stupidest thing in the world. On the other hand, if you're...