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All posts tagged "Libya"

  • Seven top tips for verifying tweets

    Twitter is like the coffee machine in the newsroom. Get a shot of caffeine, chat with colleagues, exchange useful information, but also get the latest gossip and rumours. The difference is that you probably won’t publish what you hear at the coffee machine. Twitter works differently: gossip, rumours, and other unverified information are published and sometimes cause a hoax. A tweet about the suspension of the famous CNN talk show host Piers Morgan over the phone hacking scandal is a recent example of a Twitter hoax. Another one from the beginning of 2011 saw a single tweet spreading...

  • Mobile internet on the rise as Gaddafi’s reign ends

    As the world's eyes fix on Libya and the capture of its infamous leader, the country’s mobile networks are beginning to operate again. This according to figures released by mobile advertising network, Buzzcity. In the last few months, Libya has been in headlines over the refusal of its controversial leader Muammar Gaddafi to step down from the office he has held since 1969. On Wednesday, however, Gaddafi lost control of Tripoli when rebel forces captured his Bab al-Azizia compound. Libyan traffic peaked in January 2011 with 110-million ads served but has dropped each month since, to an all time...

  • Watch out internet it’s the ‘Iran-ternet’!

    Though the protests failed to overthrow the regime, it was in Iran that the true might of the internet as a tool for freedom was unleashed. In Iran the powers that be, led by controversial President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has had a somewhat less than warm view towards the internet. In light of the recent uprisings fueled, in some respect, by the internet Iran has decided to take the lead and create it's own internet. In 2006 Iranians were the second most tech-savvy population in the Middle-East region behind Israel. Conversely, as early as then, Reporters Without Borders had recognised the...

  • Giving a voice to the turmoil in the Middle East via Twitter

    For the nearly 40 000 followers of his Twitter feed, Andy Carvin is providing a unique window into the turmoil in the Middle East. For a media industry facing its own ferment, Carvin, who works online for National Public Radio (NPR), is offering a glimpse into journalism's future, using the Web to report the historic events in a fresh and innovative way. The Washington-based Carvin has been glued to his desktop at work and...

  • Social media: A tool for revolution

    Cellphones, social media and easy internet access ( in some cases), energetic youth and years of pent-up anger seems to be a toxic mix for authoritarian regimes in the Middle East. In clip after clip of footage from the street protests that have been sweeping the region, demonstrators -- mostly young men -- can be seen among the crowds holding mobile phone cameras aloft to document the scenes. The shaky footage of peaceful protests -- and images of horrific carnage -- have been uploaded to Facebook, Twitter,Flickr, YouTube and other sites and aired on pan-Arab satellite television stations like Al-Jazeera. Google-owned YouTube...