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All posts tagged "Move"

  • Games are from the future, but load times are from the past

    I’m not usually one to be a show-off, because history has shown me that whenever I try to show how cool I am, inevitably the fates, or whatever, decide to knock me back down. Case in point. A few weeks ago I had a bunch of friends over and decided to brag with my new PlayStation Move. I hadn’t had a chance to use it at all myself, so unpacking it was a fresh experience for both me and my green eyed audience. I am meticulous about unpacking gadgets, always taking care to note how everything is placed...

  • South Africa’s top magazines according to Facebook

    Last week, I was interested to read a post by MediaSlut that listed the top South African magazine brands in terms of Twitter followers. I decided to do a corresponding survey of SA magazine brands on Facebook. I used the Audit Bureau of Circulation(ABC) list of South African consumer magazines and searched for more than 100 of the titles on Facebook. Unfortunately, Facebook’s search is not great and there are many unofficial pages and groups. I also looked on magazine websites for links to their fan pages. Where publications have international versions, the numbers given are for the South African titles’...