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All posts tagged "Pieter Uys"

  • A geek at the helm: Memeburn’s interview with Vodacom CEO Pieter Uys

    It’s not often that a geek rises to the top of a multi-billion dollar company. These are spots frequently filled by accountants or lawyers. But times are changing. In a technology-driven world, the geeks are rising to the top. We know Microsoft was run by a geek (possibly the geekiest CEO of all time?) and Steve Jobs was somewhat of a geek (more a design-obsessed geek than anything else). In the startup world, technology investors frequently refuse to put their money behind startups unless at least one of the founders has strong geek credentials (they quite like programmers). Enter Pieter Uys....

  • Breaking news: Vodacom SA backs out of Blackberry speed capping

    When Vodacom SA announced that it would be throttling the speeds of Blackberry users in South Africa, the company experienced a phenomenal backlash of complaints. In the face of the backlash Vodacom has backed off from its initial plans. The retreat was led by CEO Pieter Uys who tweeted: There is also an official release from Uys on Vodacom's Facebook page: I'm very concerned that the steps we were planning to put in place were interpreted as punishing normal users. This is not at all our intention and no changes have been implemented to slow down any customer's BlackBerry service. We...

  • iPhone 4 here end September, tweets Vodacom CEO

    Vodacom CEO Pieter Uys has confirmed, in what appears to be an off-the-cuff tweet, that the iPhone 4 is to reach South African shores "end September". Uys' tweet went practically unnoticed for some time when he tweeted: "date for iPhone4 in SA from Apple is end of September. Will keep you posted..." The story has since broken on News24 and some other major news websites. This date is in line with an earlier Memeburn story which broke the news that the iPhone 4 was to make an appearance "in early September". Memeburn also confirmed from an "industry insider" that MTN would...