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  • Spammers are, of course, not going about their business today like it’s 1995. As technology
    advances, they are adapting to changes in the environment to help better achieve their agenda.

  • Galileo Vieira

    Galileo from the Hotmail team here. Just wanted to correct some misstatements. First off, there was no such “veto” power as cited by the author. The study was commissioned by us so that an independent 3rd party could evaluate our spam filtering based on their own tests and not ours. They were given full reign over the methodology. We, of course, have our own internal numbers and wanted to see how they stacked up against the 3rd party independent results. But nowhere does “veto” come into play with this research.

    Second, the reason the results of the earlier test weren’t published is because it was simply meant for internal benchmarking. The results themselves weren’t bad, but we simply wanted to see where we were at that point in time so we could measure the progress we would make as a result of our service upgrades. We knew then we weren’t great at fighting spam and have said so publicly many times (as you can see for yourself on our site: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowslive/anotherlookathotmail/spam-protection/). With the recent test, the one we did decide to go public with, we simply believed it was time to show our users that we have indeed improved tons over the last few years.

    As you correctly state, we’re now just as good as the perceived leader in fighting spam. We felt we needed to let folks know b/c there is, correctly so, a perception issue around spam in Hotmail. That is now no longer the case as we keep improving our service and, in tandem, work with authorities to take down the source of spam (http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/presskits/dcu/) for the whole of the internet.