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Burn Media welcomes advertisers to its high-end, savvy, tech-oriented audience.

Our readership demographic is ideal for advertising that’s relevant to the tech, internet and telecoms sectors or in short, early adopters. This will ensure a hit with our users.


Please contact us at sales@memeburn.com and one of our advertising execs will get hold of you shortly!
+27 21 422 0683


Display Banners Rich Media and standard IAB display opportunities. 728×90
Page Takeovers Clickable backgrounds available. 1020×740
(1100 content space)
Full Page Interstitial Interruptive full page advert that loads before content. 978×418
Mobile Advertising Display banners on our mobile sites. 300×250
Native Advertising Our editorial team will produce content on relevant topics aligned with your marketing objectives. Your brand will take ownership of that section with branding. Download proposal
Sponsored Content Publish brand orientated marketing content on our platforms. Contact Burn Media
Company Office Company offices on our relevant platforms. Give your brand presence as well as a space to publish Press Releases/announcement. Download proposal
Jobsburn Company Profile A great way to promote your company culture and employee branding. It is highly sharable on social media. Download proposal
Exclusive Category Takeover Own a category with an exclusive takeover. All formats as well as clickable backgrounds. Download example proposal
(Proposal customisable)
Category Sponsorship Sponsor a category with a custom “Brought to you by…” Strap. Contact Burn Media
Conference Sponsorship Sponsor content pour journalists produce at international conferences. Various available throughout the year. Download example proposal
(Proposal customisable)
Custom Highly creative, custom sponsorships created with your marketing objectives in mind. Contact Burn Media
Burn Media TV Sponsor our video content with pre-rolls/post-rolls. Contact Burn Media
Newsletter A banner placed on our daily newsletter. Contact Burn Media
iPad Full Page Full page advert, in content. Example
Ventureburn CNBC Startup Show A weekly television production covering startups and thought leaders within the tech/entrepreneurial space. Download proposal
Burn Digital Conference Sponsorship Our very own Digital Conference. A festival of insight. Tiered sponsorship opportunities available. Download sponsorship details
Download brochure
Digimag/App Full page, interactive adverts. The beauty of print with the functionality of digital. Contact Burn Media


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