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All posts by Jacques Coetzee: Staff Reporter

Jacques Coetzee: Staff Reporter
Keen to take over the world, Jacques grew up in Stellenbosch, South Africa. He also studied International Relations (BA) at Stellenbosch University with an interest in innovation and initiatives and how they could contribute to the benefit of society. He has always been interested in both politics and development and started becoming more and more intrigued with how technological development could contribute to society. He loves arts and more specifically the art of writing. His interests in writing and journalism grew more over the last few years with a keen focus on current trends in technological innovation and social development.
  • Why we really need to take South Africa’s informal entrepreneurs more seriously

    South Africa's informal economy is booming. However, the lack of reliable data and realistic policies from government means millions of people are without security and support on the one hand, while potential opportunities are wasted on the other. If trends revealed by Leif Petersen from the Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation are to be taken seriously, townships are well on their way to becoming the future of the country's cities and thus its economy. Read more on Ventureburn.

  • Everything you need to know about the East African startup landscape [2015/2016 Update]

    Update: Are you a venture capitalist or an angel investor looking to invest in a company? Are you an entrepreneur looking for capital or other opportunities? Are you an aspiring startup owner looking for assistance? Well, you have come to the right place. Ventureburn presents an updated guide to East Africa’s startup scene. This article is the most comprehensive guide for anyone who wants to get involved with, or have a better understanding of, the region’s fast-growing startup space. It’s the second of our inaugural series, with others focusing on South Africa and West Africa.

  • Facebook to test Like-replacement Reaction emoji feature

    Facebook has always been that one space where people can tune in and stroke each other's egos. Whether that be photos from your trip to Thailand, drooling over each other's Sunday brunches or congratulating baby photos and engagements, we've become geared to share all those special moments with our friends. This might just start to change. On the back of the news that the world's largest social networking site is introducing a "Dislike" button, it's now been revealed that its CEO Mark Zuckerberg will rather be testing out Reaction buttons -- a replacement of the existing Like button. The new feature...

  • Reddit officially lifts the curtain on publication site Upvoted

    Reddit is officially as big as Brazil. In terms of population size at least the link-sharing platform now boasts a massive 202 million monthly users. That's a heck of a lot if you take into account a platform like Twitter has just over 300 million monthly users. And like Twitter -- which is struggling to turn a profit -- Reddit is endlessly experimenting with new ways to leverage its highly engaged community. The tech company's new online publication -- or Redditorial, as it's referred to -- is called Upvoted and features original content in the form of articles, podcasts and videos produced...

  • Skype voice translator finally starts rolling-out to Windows users

    On the back of experiencing some down time last week, online communication service Skype now has real-time voice translation for all Windows PC and tablet users. The ground-breaking feature -- which we first saw during a preview last year -- can translate voice languages English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin and Spanish, as well as 50 messaging languages, in real-time. "It has been a long-time dream at Skype to break down language barriers and bring everyone across the globe closer together," Skype writes in the blog announcement, adding that hundreds of thousands of people have already been testing the app since December...

  • Is impact investment the key to fixing Africa’s socio-environmental issues?

    As is the case with many emerging markets, South Africa has its fair share of socio-environmental problems. If it's not unsustainable food supply its lack of clean water or access to power. And while government bodies and non-profits alike have initiatives geared to address some of the most pressing of these issues in the interim, some argue that it's really up to so-called high-impact entrepreneurs to ultimately implement solutions that are sustainable. Read more on Ventureburn.

  • Half-a-billion-dollar satellite launches to beam broadband to Australia’s most remote areas

    A rocket carrying a satellite worth an estimated half-a-billion Australian dollars (around US$350-million) has successfully launched from French Guiana today. The aim? To bring high-speed broadband access to around 400 000 homes and businesses in remote areas of Australia. ABC reports that the organisation behind this expensive initiative, the National Broadband Network (NBN), expects to connect 200 000 premises by the second half of next year, including Norfolk, Christmas, Macquarie and Cocos islands. NBN spokeswoman Frances Kearey told ABC that "It's one of the world's largest communication satellites and is purpose-built to deliver broadband to Australia -- an incredibly vast country". Kearey...

  • 10 of our favourite snaps from the blood-red #SuperMoon eclipse

    Stargazers from the Americas, Europe and Africa were over moon this weekend, as they stared through their phones' screens to capture and share a very special astronomical event. Not only did the lunar eclipse make the moon appear red, the moon also passed closest to the Earth's surface -- appearing 14% larger than usual. The so-called supermoon or bloodmoon event is a rare celestial occurrence which was last observed in 1982 and won't happen again until 2033. Of course, the early 1980's lacked today's advanced telescopic and photographic equipment, meaning that this is the first time the Instagram and Twitter...

  • Watch the first mini-doc shot in 4K using iPhone 6s Plus [video]

    Apple's latest flagship smartphones, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, have only been on sale to the public for about a week, yet photographers and filmmakers are already taking advantage of the devices' fancy new hardware. Specifically, their using the iPhone 6s Plus' ability to shoot 4K video in order to make stunning, world-class documentaries. The video, called The Painter of Jalouzi, is made by filmmakers Bryn Mooser and David Darg from the Haiti-focused RYOT Foundation, which -- as its website reads -- seeks to find "sustainable ways to foster hope in the midst of despair". Through film and other creative...

  • From startup to fintech empire: WiGroup sells stake to Investec for ‘R400m’

    It’s not often in the entrepreneur world that you hear of investments from banks, but here is one such story involving a very successful South African company that has rapidly grown from startup into a sophisticated, multi-million rand, 90-person-string fintech success story. In August this year, Investec Asset Management bought a “significant” stake in South Africa’s mobile transaction company WiGroup, in a deal which is believed by the industry to be worth just under a whopping R400-million. Read more on Ventureburn.

  • Skype ‘working on a fix’ as communication service faces worldwide outage [Update]

    Update: Skype is back up. Just a day after Amazon Web Services issues forced popular internet platforms like Netflix, Product Hunt, Medium, SocialFlow and Buffer to go offline, Microsoft's popular voice and video chat service Skype has gone down as well. Although, Skype Support has tweeted that it's "aware of an issue affecting Skype status", the problem seems to be affecting most of the service's features: We are aware of an issue affecting Skype status at the moment, and are working on a quick fix: http://t.co/ymSzmrgEX0 pic.twitter.com/8LoqqL0hh7— Skype Support (@SkypeSupport) September 21, 2015 It appears that people from around the world using...

  • Everything you need to know about the South African startup ecosystem [2015/2016 Update]

    Update: Are you a venture capitalist or an angel investor looking to invest in a company? Are you an entrepreneur looking for capital or other opportunities? Are you an aspiring startup owner looking for assistance? Well, you have come to the right place. Ventureburn presents an updated guide to South Africa’s startup scene. This article is the most comprehensive guide for anyone who wants to get involved with, or have a better understanding of the country’s fast-growing startup space. It is a part of a series of articles we will pilot, which will also include the West African and East...

  • SweepSouth weighs in on experience at Silicon Valley’s 500 Startups accelerator

    SweepSouth is a having a good first year. Just after the South African on-demand domestic cleaning startup secured its first investment, it got accepted by the prestigious 500 Startups accelerator in Silicon Valley (a first for South Africa). If that wasn’t enough, the Uber for domestic cleaners achieved monthly double-digit growth within its first year, and shows no signs of slowing down.

  • 11 ways to spot a big-time Silicon Cape startup guy

    You can spot a big-time Silicon Cape guy or gal from a mile away. And it just so happens that we here at Ventureburn have seen our fair share of them. Whether it’s the copious amount of skinny lattes, the regular fireside chats at tech conferences or just constantly debating whether or not South Africa’s Cape Town is really the next Silicon Valley, we know who you are.

  • Orange to launch South African VoD service next year

    Orange Horizons, a subsidiary of French telecom giant Orange, is gearing up to launch its own internet service provider (ISP) service in South Africa, accompanied by a video on-demand (VoD) offering. According to Fin24, CEO of Orange Horizons Sebastien Crozier revealed that the up-coming ISP will cater a range of online services. Apart from providing internet access, the service plans on launching voice over IP services, free TV channels as well as a VoD offering. "This is what we plan to do step by step next year. Our VoD offer could be in partnership with an existing player under the name...