Court judgement pasted on homepage

Here’s something I bet you’ve never seen before. See this rather long court judgement from a Belgian court pasted on Google’s normally-minimalist and clean site (Google Belgium).

It’s all a bit absurd. A rather grotty-looking Belgian newspaper website Grenz Echo took Google to court for linking to it and the court actually gave Google notice to take the links down (and publish the judgement on the site).
I wish Grenz Echo luck in fading into obscurity along with all the other media dinosaurs who don’t quite get the net. It also begs the question, why didn’t the newspaper/website just use the very simple and very effective code that blocks the search engine from indexing the site in the first place?

Do they understand that they are benefitting from having Google link to them? Do they understand that this is the way the internet works?

The weed must be good in Belgium.

Matthew Buckland: Publisher


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