Bullard has a challenge on his hands (to stay interesting)

Must not blog about Bullard… must… resist… oh well.

So the blog bully has started a blog. He’s funny. I laugh with him, I laugh at him. I think he needs to get some new punch lines though. (“To busy to blog because I’m driving my X5, Can’t blog cos popping off to the Riviera or Tuscany, To busy smoking my cuban cigar blah blah blah”).

So far David Bullard is a great addition to the blogosphere even though he says he hates it. Contrary to his disparaging attitude to the very medium he has chosen to embrace, I suspect his blog has given his ink-stained hands new inspiration and breathed new direction into his life. I think his blog is alot more important to him than he lets on. It will certainly help increase his profile from the grubby newspaper backwaters of the careers pages. (Didn’t people think that putting Bullard on the careers page would damage those young, aspirational minds??)

He’s shot up the Amatomu rankings. But ofcourse he would — he came in on a wave of controversy hurling insults at the local blogosphere and re-igniting the well-worn bloggers vs journalist standoff (so-called). Perhaps this is a lesson for other major media columnists to also start their own blogs? (Eaton? Max? John?)

Let’s see if Bullard sustains it. I’ve noticed its getting quieter on his blog (see the comments). Can he push on, or is he a one trick pony?

Matthew Buckland: Publisher


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