Rumour: 'SA #3 in line for 3G iPhone'

Ok, one thing we should expect for a while are plenty rumours over local release dates for the iPhone. I don’t think Vodacom actually know when they are getting the phone and I am sure they are at the whim of Apple. And Apple would never ever change the goalposts from time to time, would they?

I’ve been privy to information from a senior birdy at Vodacom that we are apparently in number 3 spot in the queue of countries, presumably in the Vodafone group. I doubt it’s #3 in the grouping of the original 22 countries where it will be released July 11, but it also could be reasonable to assume we could be number 3 out of the 70 other countries.

The senior birdy also actually admitted they are not exactly sure when the group will be getting the iPhone. It could be the case, however, that this senior birdy doesn’t know, himself. There was earlier speculation that it may be July 20, which since the announcement may be looking a little early — but despite a bit of skepticism, you never know and it is entirely plausible… this is Vodacom, part of the powerful Vodafone group, that we are talking about. As they say, time will tell.

Matthew Buckland: Publisher


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