South African Website Wins Top International Award

South African website has been recognised as one of the 10 Most Promising Digital Innovations world-wide in 2009. The award was granted on 5 February by Netexplorateur, an international institute set up under the auspices of the French Government Ministry for the Digital Economy.

According to the site owners, none other than Twitter was a Netexplorateur winner two years ago. enables great bosses to showcase their management and leadership skills, offering them a revolutionary new approach to attract talent and boost their own careers. The website also provides a powerful new way for managers to obtain useful and effective feedback from their employees.

“Transparency in the workplace is something which is often regarded with fear amongst companies” said Gavin Symanowitz, the founder of speaking from the French Senate in Paris. “However, we’ve shown how responsible transparency can actually add tremendous value to both employees and employers”.

Internet broadband capacity is a major problem in South Africa. This prestigious international award proves that this country is still able to produce world-class internet innovations despite the significant challenges.

“Twitter was a Netexplorateur winner two years ago, and look where they are now,” concludes Symanowitz, ”so hopefully this bodes well for our future”.



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