Facebook movie already being parodied by YouTube and Twitter

The Social Network, a brand new feature film directed by David Fincher, is due to be released in South African cinemas on the fifth of November and promises to be a dramatic, semi-fictionalised look at the genesis of Facebook and the motivations of its founder Mark Zuckerberg.

The film has received online acclaim on Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic, and promises to be a must-see for all social media enthusiasts.

The movie was adapted by famed writer Aaron Sorkin from the compelling 2009 Ben Mezrich book The Accidental Billionaires, and is rumoured to offer a fairly negative account of Zuckerberg’s career path.  Interestingly Zuckerberg himself seems to have recently responded with a bit of personal PR by announcing a US$100 million philanthropic donation to an education fund in Newark, New Jersey, and an in-depth New Yorker magazine profile. This could be coincidence, but could well be a response to the negative publicity generated by the film.

On the web, the official trailer for The Social Network has spawned several hilarious parodies which follow the similar dramatic style to the original. Included below is the original trailer, and some of the parodies for the other major social networks including YouTube and Twitter. But we highly recommend that you watch the original trailer before digging into the parodies.

The website Babelgum has also done a hilarious trailer (supposedly written by Mark Zuckerberg) in which he is portrayed as superhero, womaniser, and master of his own destiny. (see below)

Please feel free to add any other related trailers in the comments section below.

The original trailer for The Social Network upon which the parodies were based:

And then, the parody for YouTube:

Followed by the Twitter parody:

And finally, the Mark Zuckerberg superhero version:



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