FanFiction 2.0: 10 TV and movie characters to follow on Twitter

When you watch a movie or television show and find yourself lost in the witty dialogue that the characters deliver, it’s easy to become nostalgic when those streams of thought come to an end. Movies finish, TV shows get cancelled and the character’s witty prose generally goes with them.

Well, that was before Twitter. Now you can follow Lord Voldemort’s most personal thoughts and let him wow you with his… erm interesting views. Love Mad Men or Glee? The characters tweet. It’s like FanFiction 2.0.

Here are 10 fabulous fictitious characters who have made the jump from the silver screen to a social network near you.

  1. @Lord_Voldemort7
  2. – The infamous Lord Voldmort has taken Twitter by storm with 603 922 followers. His Twitter bio reads: “Yeah, you better *bleep* follow me”. He tweets regularly, dropping pearls of “Voldy wisdom” on his dedicated Death Eaters (followers).

    Some of his memorable tweets include:
    “I posted a link to a site called “Twilight Moms” as a “Parenting Fail” & the site got shut down from too many clicks. Death Eater Win.”

    “Snape just said he can’t go out to cause mayhem because he’s sick. Boo, that whorecrux!”

  4. – The bulky green hero seems to be taking some time out to have a little too much fun….he’s now permanently drunk. Tweeting in capital letters and speaking in the third person, Drunk Hulk has an impressive 68 204 followers.

    Some of his cap locked and nonsensical tweets include:


  5. @Stewie_Griffinn
  6. – The Family Guy’s character bio reads: “Omg Omg Omg Omg Omg Omg You better follow me”. With a following of more than 187 000, it’s safe to say Omg Omg Omg people follow him. If you watch the show his tweets will not shock you. Like Lord Voldemort there is some mean-spirted humour synonymous with the characters.

    Some of Stewie’s classic tweets include:
    “Man wanted to commit suicide I said ‘its not worth it!’ ‘He said, Don’t lecture me!’ ‘No, I don’t think this building’s high enough’ I said.”

    “#ImProudToSay Women obviously don’t belong in the kitchen, if they did who would clean the rest of the house?”

  7. @God_Damn_Batman
  8. – Who apparently lives on the “rooftop behind you”. His poetic bio reads:”The hero Twitter deserves, but not the one it needs. So you’ll follow him. Because he can take it”. And 138 880 followers later it seems the hero is making his point. His tweets range from conversations with Alfred to expressing his feelings about Academy snubbing.

    Some of his tweets include:
    “Commit a random act of kindness today. For example: I broke Riddler’s femurs, but left his cheekbones intact. You’re welcome.”

    “No Alfred, I don’t have any idea how Shady Acres Retirement Home got programmed into speed dial. Now about that sandwich. Chop chop!”

  9. @darthvader
  10. – running the Death Star is a hard job especially when it’s been blown up twice. Vader’s bio reads: “the evil orphan Annie”. With more than 249 000 followers he seems to be at least running his Twitter account well enough.

    His evil musings include:
    “Final Resolution: Eliminate that hard-to-reach rebel scum from all the nooks and crannies of the galaxy.”

    “Just got a spam trying to sell me the #StarWars trilogy on blu ray. *maskpalm*”

  11. @BuffySummers
  12. – ever wonder what everybody’s favourite vampire slayer is thinking? Why Angel had to leave and get his own show perhaps? Why Sunnydale vampires don’t sparkle or want to marry you rather than kill you? Well yes and no, she wonders what to cook for dinner and thinks about all the cool weapons she gets to use to kill various creatures like trolls.

    Her tweets include:
    “Whoa. WHOA. THE Dracula. Has heard of ME. And he’s in Sunnydale. Oh, him I have GOT to slay. How awesome would that be?”

    “Last night I patrolled. And I felt like I fell into the core of myself, part of what makes me the Slayer. It’s happened occasionally…”

  13. @princessleia
  14. – with a father like Darth Vader it is understandable to see why this little princess need an outlet. Her bio reads: “Rebel leader with *totally* fabulous up-do. Interests: Saving galaxy, hair maintainance. Heiress of the Alderaan Organas (daahling).” More than 7 000 people agree and that is why they are following her to a galaxy far far away.

    Highlights from her tweets include:
    “Nerf spray rocks, not a hair out of place. The most powerful sealant in the galaxy & smells like it. I’m just a teenage Nerf-bag baby.”

    “Hanging out with politico buddies. I’m an official Rebel – good parties, more style. Got a new hairdroid R2, sez i should really try braids.”

  15. @RachelBerryGLEE
  16. – Rachel Berry talks so much it’s a wonder if she can manage only 140 characters. With more than 100 000 followers, she’s managing to keep people interested with 140 characters or less.

    Some her “melodic” tweets include:
    “People love Josh Groban for singing people’s Tweets, but I sing nutritional information ONCE and get banned from the supermarket.”

    “I’m setting the new goal for myself of having a galaxy named after me. I’d prefer it to be in the shape of a ballet shoe.”

  17. @PeggyOlson
  18. – if anyone should be tweeting pearls of wisdom it’s this lovely lady. The Mad Men character regales her some 19 000 followers with the thrills of working in a male-dominated world in the early 1960’s.

    Tweets include:
    “I kind of liked Danny Siegel, but he wasn’t much help. I’ll probably get *more* work done with him gone.”

    “The Playtex pitch went well. Didn’t have to use some man’s idea of what women want. Our previous pitch was embarrassing.”

  19. @sally_draper
  20. – another Mad Men character, young Sally Draper, her bio reads: “budding ballerina/bartender”. Every father’s dream, to have a child with a duo job of ballet by day and pouring drinks by night. She’s young and her 7 000 followers think she has something worthwhile to say.

    Tweets include:
    “I want to be Squanto in the Thanksgiving play but I have to be a turkey instead.”

    “At my new school they wear DIMES in their pennyloafers!!!!”



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