No more UberTwitter say Twitter officials

Millions of Twitter users, including top celebrities and sports stars, are without access to the microblogging site. The application which allows BlackBerry to tweet from their phones, UberTwitter, was suspended late Friday evening.

Twitter officials blocked the popular UberTwitter app from being able to use its services due to violations to Twitter’s terms and conditions. According to the Washington Post , UberTwitter holds a 20 percent share of all Tweets globally – with some of the most followed users on the Twitter-sphere, including celebrities and professional sports stars.

It is suspected violations include UberTwitter’s ability to lengthen the maximum 140 character limit. Both UberTwitter, which is available for the iPhone and the most popular Twitter app for BlackBerry phones, as well as Twidroyd for Android phones, are built by Pasadena-based UberMedia.

More than three Million smart phone users access Twitter though UberMedia apps and Web-based services like UberTwitter, according to the company’s LinkedIn page.

Now Business Insider has revealed that the big celebrities affected with the most Twitter followers include singer Rihanna, Lance Armstrong, Russell Simmons, Questo of The Roots, Donnie Wahlberg, former NFL player Warren Sapp, and NBA player Baron Davis.

In addition to violating its policies on limiting tweets to 140 characters, Twitter also argues UberMedia altered the content of Twitter users’ posts to generate money.

UberMedia, the parent company of UberTwitter and Twidroyd, has accumulated a large number of third-party Twitter clients, such as Tweetdeck, which rivals Twitter’s web & mobile clients according to a report by Top News in New Zealand.

“UberMedia, which has been generating tones of money, was launched as TweetUp in April 2010. After some time the app changed itself to become PostUp, and following the deal with UberTwitter, it emerged as UberMedia,” the site noted.

Following the suspension by Twitter, UberMedia’s chief executive Bill Gross has announced that the app will get a new name — UberSocial.

In the meantime, with millions of BlackBerry users unable to tweet using the app, the future of the UberTwitter for now remains in the hands of Twitter.

According to an official email sent to users by Twitter, the site suspends more than one hundred applications a day for violation of its policies. The email also urges affected users to download Twitter for Blackberry and other official Twitter apps on its site. “You can also try our mobile web site or apps from other third-party developers,” the company added.



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