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Casey Heynes: Anti-bully champion and viral sensation

Casey Heynes has just become an overnight internet hero. Heynes is seen in a YouTube clip body-slamming a bully.

In a scene reminiscent of David and Goliath, where David is the aggressor and Goliath is a rather meek and mild pacifist, the much smaller David taunts Goliath relentlessly. Goliath, at first, does nothing and takes the punishment, but then suddenly something deep inside Goliath snaps and he unleashes the fury on a now, we’re sure, terrified David. David’s frail form is tossed into the concrete floor like a sack of potatoes and those who have ever been bullied gain a champion.

Casey Heynes is that hero.

The 16-year old boy from Chifley College, Dunheved Campus at North St. Marys (you’d think he’d get bullied just for going to a school with that name) is reported to have been bullied his whole life and has never lifted a finger to defend himself. Until now. Despite both students being suspended for four days, the mother of the bully (now known as Ritchard “The Rat” Gale) has now called for Casey “The Punisher” Heynes to apologise.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by a friend of Casey’s father who couldn’t believe that Casey had also been suspended. The original video has been taken down, but not before it had spread like viral gold through the halls and corridors of the internet. Nobody likes a bully and when the underdog deals such a crushing blow to one of their ilk you can almost hear the cheers ringing out across the globe.

Casey Heynes need not bother with school anymore. If he gets the right agent he can make a packet out of his internet fame and retire at the age of sixteen. That, or a lucrative career in the WWE awaits.

The videos keep being removed from YouTube but we found one version that’s still available.

There’s already a tribute site to Casey Heynes where you can view all the memes that are popping up around the legendary fighter.

Update: The notorious “hactivist” group Anonymous has taken on Casey’s plight and initiated a DDOS attack against Casey’s school for suspending him for fighting back. The group released this statement:

We have had enough of this bigotry. They failed at providing a violence-free environment for their students, and when Zangief Kid (Casey) took things in his own hands they b****slapped him for defending himself.

  • Hi,

    A pal of mine is a leading self defence and personal safety expert.

    He gives his opinion on the Casey Heynes bullying incident


  • I’m glad this has gotten so much attention. Hopefully it will embolden other victims to stand up against their bullies.

    Sad fact is, teachers never take it seriously, and the parents of the bullies inevitably think their little darlings can do no wrong. Only way to teach them right from wrong is to do it yourself.

  • Tomcarrolls

    you switched it around i think. david is the little guy, goliath is the bully. right?

  • Mad mum against bullies

    You are so right Larissa! We live in Sydney, and my daughter, at only 5 years old, was bullied repeatedly by the PE Teacher’s son, plus another boy, through most of kindergarten at a well known Catholic School in Sydney. She was punched, kicked, bruised, etc. The school did nothing, and blamed it on my daughter, despite me repeatedly pleaing with the school to put a stop to it. The answer was ‘We are a Christian school, and will accept any student that comes to us. Your daughter is too affecionate. Why does she play with boys?’. After 3 terms of listening to her come home every week to tell me horrific stories about how she was cornered in the playground and not allowed to leave until she fought the boy, I ripped her out of that school and put her in karate! Now she is in a safe school, and is being taught how to defend herself. Go Casey! We love you!

  • “In a scene reminiscent of David and Goliath, where David is the aggressor and Goliath is a rather meek and mild pacifist.” Yep, I switched it round. I found it quite ironic.

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