Groupon SA gives you a way to help Japanese disaster relief

Groupon SA is working with its sister companies around the world to raise funds for emergency disaster relief for those worst affected by the earthquake and flooding in Japan. Japan is a developed nation, but the sheer scale of this catastrophic disaster has left emergency services reeling. The International Red Cross is providing immediate shelter, food and water to desperate people while national emergency services get up and running properly.

If South Africans wish to contribute to the Red Cross’ relief activities in Japan, Groupon has set up its systems that you can buy a “Groupon for Japan” through in R50 denominations. 100% of contributions made through the Groupon payments system will go to the Red Cross. Groupon SA is also, in turn, doubling these contributions to a total of R175 000 (so if generous South Africans contribute R87,500, Groupon SA will contribute another R87 500).

More than 10 000 are feared dead in the Miyagi Prefecture alone, and hundreds of thousands of people are without power and running water, and in some cases even food and shelter, in the middle of a bitterly cold winter.

MyCityDeal subscribers that wish to contribute quickly and easily through the Groupon payments system, visit here.



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