Mobile commerce on the rise [Infographic]

The mobile revolution is happening. It’s been happening for a while. eCommerce changed how we behaved as consumers and mCommerce is set to change that again. The increasing usage of smartphones is creating smarter shoppers because information is only a few button taps away.

Mobile phone users use their phones to purchase products online and retailers have beginning to build mobile site to enable this. Mobile purchases is predicted to increase by US$119-billion globally by 2015.

Below is an infographic created by the Microsoft tag team on the mobile revolution. Microsoft Tag is a high capacity colour barcode application that allows users to retrieve information using their mobile devices by simply taking a picture of a “tag”.

The infographic breaks down mobile shoppers into two categories — light shoppers and heavy shoppers. Light users have a narrow outlook on mobile shopping and heavy users who rely heavily on their mobiles.

According to the infographic 51% of smartphone users are more likely to purchase from a retailer with a mobile site, though only 4.8% of retailers have mobile sites.

iPhone and BlackBerry users spend most on mobile purchases. Users tend to spend more on movies, music and games.

mobile ecommerce shopper revolution
View the Mobile eCommerce Infographic



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