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Research shows 62% of South Africans shop using their mobile devices

A recent study by InMobi, an independent mobile ad network, reveals that African mobile web users prefer the mobile channel (46%) to their Desktop (10%) and even In-store (44%) when shopping for Apparel, Consumer Electronics and Entertainment Tickets. This clearly highlights the shift to ‘shopping on the move’ across Africa.

The study, entitled “A Global Consumer Perspective on Mobile Shopping”, was conducted among 15 000 consumers in 14 countries in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia during February and March 2011. Consumers participated in the study directly through their mobile devices offering the mobile ecosystem a point of view on mobile shopping among mobile internet users.

Surprisingly, non-smartphone users have an even higher preference of browsing and shopping using their Mobile versus Desktop than smartphone users. This signifies the higher dependence on mobile devices among feature phone users as it’s their primary means to digital content in many cases.

The study conducted among 3 100 African mobile web consumers found that 59% of South African users have purchased a digital product through their mobile device.

Commenting on the study, James Lamberti, VP Global Research & Marketing at InMobi, commented that “Mobile shopping is becoming increasingly commonplace in Africa. It’s an exciting time for the consumer, retailer, and manufacturer as mobile shopping solutions will become more accessible, intelligent and compelling to use. With the high level of consumer acceptance a new mass reach retail channel has emerged setting up huge opportunities in the world of mobile advertising.”

Full results of the study, conducted in 14 countries among 15 000 consumers, will be released in a global research roadshow to leading agencies, brands, analysts, and journalists. For further information, please visit www.inmobi.com.

  • Anonymous

    There’s a difference between shopping for physical products on your mobile device and digital ones! 
    Personally I’ve only ever bought apps on my mobile device or airtime both of which classify as “purchases” but don’t signify the the shift to ‘shopping on the move’ across Africa.

    I doubt whether there stats are accurate either… Seems very unlikely! They being a mobile advertising company are also probably quite biased.

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