Popular radio DJ trends worldwide over racist slur

Popular South Africa radio DJ and rugby commentator, Darren Scott is trending world-wide on Twitter, following his use of the “K-word” late last week.

The incident in question occurred at a work function, after Scott lost his temper at a colleague, Africa Tshoaedi. In a recent statement from Scott’s PR team, Tshoaedi’s presence at a bar after being told leave by Scott was seen as “provocative and [Scott] used strong language to tell the colleague to go away. In doing so he used a racial epithet”.

On 702 early Thursday morning, Scott announced that he had resigned as presenter on Jacaranda 94.2, setting off a slew of online commentary regarding the matter. Supersport, the sports-broadcaster that Scott works for, released a statement announcing Scott had been granted “indefinite leave of absence” to focus on “personal matters, which have been the subject of recent media reports“.

The volume of people discussing the issue has pushed Scott into the top ten trending topics worldwide on Twitter.

South Africa’s chief prosecutor, Menzi Simelane — making reference to his proposal that there should be laws in South Africa for racist crimes said:

South African politician, Helen Zille, replied to questions about whether her party — the official opposition — would condemn Scott’s supporters:

British sportscaster Neil Collins, who later recanted his support of Scott, initially had held the view that:

Some Twitter users have shown Scott emphatic support:

Tweeter @Vorny1969 tweeted: “I support Darren Scott — its a free world say what you want call a spade a spade.K or N upsets blacks so what!! #sticksandstonesmay…”

Others have not, @dyled tweeted: “Being drunk doesn’t make you not-a-racist. It just makes you a drunk racist. #darrenscott #justplainracist”.

Scott himself tweeted saying:”Dont try justify what I did. It was wrong, I know it, no matter what the circumstances. I am sorry that I offended so many, not just one.”

A Facebook fanpage has been created urging for Scott’s return the radio station.



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