Sony to unify content on its Entertainment Network

In an attempt to create a unified media content platform, Sony is introducing a brand-new method for viewing entertainment options on the PS3.

In Canada and the United States, Video Unlimited software for the PlayStation 3 console plays to the strengths of the machines as an entertainment device, uniting it under the banner of the Sony Entertainment Network. Video Unlimited was reportedly purchased by Sony for US$260-million.

Kazuo Hirai, Executive Deputy President of Sony Corporation said that he wished to create a “synergy” in regards to the videogames, content, gadgets and the Sony Entertainment Network.

Sony vice president of global digital video and music services Michael Aragon said, “For the first time in the history of the company, all the services in our group are under one umbrella, one guy, and that’s Kaz. He asked us to come up with a common user interface to tie all the services and devices together.”

It is a complete redesign of the content store available currently on the PS3. The major movie and TV studios have signed up, but what Sony says is different is the way you “discover the content”.

When the user selects content, outside of hiring either the SD or HD version (for film or TV), the content offers “search pivots” on themes familiar to the content. Aragon continues, “There is a ton of content, so it has to be easier for people to search. We want you to be able to lose yourself as you might in a bookstore, but then be able to find you way back out easily and right to the movie you want.”

“There are so many cool things you can do with that technology. We want to create a more interactive platform,” he adds.

The Sony Entertainment Network currently has 45 000 television shows and 6 500 films.



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