What happens when you fire your Twitter ghost-writer

Memeburn has previously warned its readers about taking (often self-declared) “social-media experts/ninjas/gurus” too seriously, and Mark Davidson is the perfect example of why.

On Google+ — where he is yet to post anything — Davidson describes himself as an “internet sales and marketing professional, public speaker and master of communicating in 140 character bursts”.

In truth, this “master of communicating in 140 character bursts”, however, seems to be a something of a fraud.

At about midday GMT, Davidson’s Twitter account — boasting close to 55 000 followers, including the likes of Stephen Fry and the official Mashable account — began tweeting topics beyond the usual, “geek humour, internet entertainment and immediately usable social media knowledge”, that Davidson claims underlines his “own personal brand online”.

Memeburn was unable to ascertain precise details about what Mark Davidson does beyond, according to his Twitter ghost writer, enjoying a game of golf.

Davidson and his company, Shift+One Media, have a number of presences across social media. On Flickr, there are 32 photos of the “Command Centre.” These pictures have been viewed seven times. On MySpace, Shift+One has 24 friends. On Facebook, the company has four likes, without a single post.

Davidson, or his ghost writing team rather, have been prolific on Twitter, sending out more than 55 000 tweets in four years.

What’s certain is that when Davidson discovers what’s been happening on his Twitter feed, he’s going to have to make full use of his skills as a “Social Marketing and Communications Strategist.”



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