From letter forms to circular films:This week in design

In an ABC of design A is for animated alphabet, B is for bamboo bike and Bionic Arch and C is for circular films and cycling safety.

Letter forms

A is for “anamorphosis”, B is for “biscuit” and C is for “cell animation”. Italian creative N9ve used unusual fonts and playful typefaces to make a short stop-motion animation in which each letter of the alphabet becomes part of a scene involving a word that starts with that letter.

The Alphabet 2 from n9ve on Vimeo.

Bamboo electric

The T20 bamboo bicycle is souped up with a small motor, resulting in a sustainable alternative to urban mobility. The motor is hidden under the footrest and can reach a cruising speed of about 35km/hour, using manual power from the rider to give the bike a push forward to get started.

Sustainable tower

The Bionic Arch by Vincent Callebaut Architects proposes a multi-purpose sustainable tower for the Taichung Gateway City in Taiwan. The tower integrates a park, green land, vertical platforms, sky gardens and living facades, all aimed at harmonising the human and built environment. Sustainable wind and solar energy will be produced and utilised, as well as botanical and bio-technologies.

Safe bike

Jaryn Miller’s Senza bike lock system makes it easy to lock your bicycle and eliminates the need to carry a separate lock. The Senza transforms the bike’s handlebars into a locking mechanism. It works by separating the handlebars into three pieces, with the centrepiece remaining in place on the bicycle frame while the two removable handles are fitted together to form the lock.

Circular films

The 360 Project by Toronto-based director and photographer Ryan Enn Hughes consists of two short films shot using 48 cameras on a 360-degree circular rig. The Ballet 360 and Krump 360 films explore the crossover between still and moving image. The cameras are triggered simultaneously resulting in a film that shows what can be achieved with new imaging technologies and alternative production methods.

KRUMP 360 (The 360 Project) from Ryan Enn Hughes on Vimeo.

BALLET 360 (The 360 Project) from Ryan Enn Hughes on Vimeo.



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