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All posts by Nadine Botha

Nadine works for Design Indaba. The company believes in a better world through creativity. Designindaba.com is built on the tenets of inspire, interact and indulge, featuring the latest design news, innovations, videos, features, interviews and a full archive of the magazine. Spanning various platforms, including an international conference, an exclusively local expo, an award-winning magazine and a global website, Design Indaba understands the power of innovation. More than that, Design Indaba believes there are innovative solutions within all of us that could influence how we live tomorrow. And that creativity can shelter, feed, educate and empower.
  • Searching for ‘piece of mind’

    Sculptures inspired by fishnets, a bicycle with a built-in record player and furniture from discarded road signs. Or go in search of a Piece of Mind. Well strung American artist Janet Echelman creates large-scale sculptural installations using age-old net-weaving techniques she learnt from fishermen in India. The installations are either hand-woven or machine-woven, depending on the requirements of the specific project. The sculptures are often suspended between buildings where they interact with the wind and sunlight in an almost magical way. When the sculptures are lit at night they add an inspiring light to the sky that resembles the...

  • This week in design: Floating orchestras, Mark Shuttleworth talks Ubuntu

    Looking to forms of functional design, we discover clocks that tell stories, orchestras that float, fashion that becomes food, bacteria that becomes fashion and a lamp that doubles up as a miniature greenhouse. Also see what maverick entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth has to say about his open source Ubuntu software project. Story telling Story Time by Atelier NL with Laikingland is a time piece that doesn’t tell the time but tells a story as a sequence of events. By questioning our perceptions of time, Story Time encourages clock-watchers to look at time in a different way. Story Time is made...

  • From letter forms to circular films:This week in design

    In an ABC of design A is for animated alphabet, B is for bamboo bike and Bionic Arch and C is for circular films and cycling safety. Letter forms A is for "anamorphosis", B is for "biscuit" and C is for "cell animation". Italian creative N9ve used unusual fonts and playful typefaces to make a short stop-motion animation in which each letter of the alphabet becomes part of a scene involving a word...

  • 5 more great pieces of geeky design

    Last time around we covered everything from origami mouses to Tron-stlye duct tape races. This time we decided to give you some ideas on how you might harvest renewable energy on the table in your lounge or let your jeans break down road and industry pollutants. Or add a playful touch to gardening with a greenhouse made of Lego bricks. Step through the three-storey Timber Wave or melt away in a sculpted chair. Algae energy Designers and scientists at Cambridge University are collaborating on a project that creates devices capable of producing renewable energy from the photosynthesis of algae...

  • 5 great pieces of geeky design

    Upcycling, resource re-allocation and a bit of animated fun is where it’s at in design at the moment. We look at the possibility of a biofuel that uses recycled newspapers, a raincoat that gathers and stores the water, and typewriters that get a second chance. Biofuel from newspapers Scientists at Tulane University in New Orleans have found a novel bacterial strain, dubbed “TU-103”, that can use (news)paper to produce butanol, a biofuel that works as a gasoline substitute. TU-103 is the first bacterial strain from nature that produces butanol directly from the organic compound cellulose. Sticky story A scene from the film...