Google Street View takes you for a walk in the park

Days after announcing that it would allow you explore the inside of shops and museums, Google has announced an extension of its Street View programme that will let you explore some of the world’s great parks.

According to a blog posted by the internet giant, it has spent the past year travelling to over 22 countries, equipped with the Google Street View trike, and taking photos of “some of the world’s most unique parks”.

One park that sits squarely in the “unique” category is High Line, “which sits 30 feet in the air, over the bustling streets of New York City”.

The park sits on a 2.33km section of the former elevated freight railroad spur called the West Side Line, and runs along the lower west side of Manhattan.

Joshua David and Robert Hammond fought New York City authorities to save the Highline from demolition and worked to ensure that it could be made accessible to the public.

Among the more famous parks explored by Google Street View is Kensington Gardens in the UK, including some its more famous features, like the Serpentine bridge and the Peter Pan statue.

Street View can also give you a glimpse of Japan’s cherry blossoms in full bloom in Koganei Park in Tokyo.

In addition to its park and indoor projects, Google recently released a video detailing how Street View can inspire you to travel.



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