Cher death hoax trends on Twitter

Rumours of legendary singer Cher’s death have surfaced on Twitter. The topic “RIP Cher” became a globally trending topic and remained so, even after it was conclusively shown that the performer was still alive and kicking.

The renowned singer has not tweeted from her own official account since 22 January. There are, however, no indications on the feed that Cher had been battling with illness of any kind.

The tweet that triggered the Twitter flood came from a user called @marymarglorence, whose profile indicates that she lives in Waco, Texas.

Although originally posted on 22 January (the same day as Cher’s last tweet), the topic has only really gained momentum in the past few hours.

A slew of tweets followed, with some users leveraging the singer’s musical longevity as a reason for her being unable to die:

When it was revealed that the topic was a hoax, other users began commenting on how rumours of this kind spread on the social network:

Some took a more light-hearted approach to the affair:

A news article refuting the hoax has since appeared at the top of the topic page.

Cher is in esteemed company when it comes to having a hoax death rumour spread about her. Other deaths which have been falsely reported on Twitter include luminary statesman Nelson Mandela, Johnny Depp, Barack Obama, and Kanye West.



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