Provocative student poster causes sensation on social networks

A campaign by the student wing of South Africa’s official opposition party is causing a sensation on social networks. The campaign by the Democratic Alliance Student Organisation (DASO) features a topless white man and black woman embracing.

The poster, which is an advert of the organisation’s 2012 membership campaign, also comes with the tagline: “In OUR future, you wouldn’t look twice”.

Since hitting Facebook a couple of hours ago, the poster has generated around 150 “likes”, 75 shares and 370 odd comments.

A number of the comments have reacted negatively to the implied nudity in the poster.

“I don’t get why they are naked? I’d totally look twice if I saw (any race of) two naked people like that,” said Jade Adami.

“Is this a Lovers Plus ad or a political campaign? I’m a bit confused…” said Kirsten Jade Francis

Award winning South African journalist Natasha Josephs retweeted one comment that reflected on the apparent economic status of the couple pictured in the poster:

“Not sure what this says? Privileged people with great hair can have heterosexual relationships?”

To which Nomalanga Mkhize replied

Twitter user Johan Schwella addressed DA leader Helen Zille directly:

Zille replied, seemingly oblivious to the campaign:

Schwella then linked to the ad, and included his impression of what it seemed to be saying:



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