Have a killer app idea? Check out Apple’s new getting started guide

You have ideas for killer apps all the time, but where do you begin? Apple’s new “Start Developing iOS Apps Today” guide will help you get your feet wet.

Aimed at giving prospective developers an overview of what iOS developing is all about, the guide starts with an introduction and then goes on to explain which applications you need to install.

To get you familiarised with the development environment, a simple tutorial shows you how to write the most basic rite of passage “Hello World” app.

The guide then explains the main development workflow tool, Xcode and introduces you to Objective-C, the native programming language for all iOS apps.

In the name of efficiency Apple takes you through recommended frameworks, design patterns, human interface design, app design and app store guidelines, before finishing off with pointers to technical documentation and in-depth app development resources.

If you’ve been standing outside looking in, wanting a slice of the US$3bn pie Apple has paid out to iOS developers so far, this guide should help you get started with your first app. If you’re interested in going a step further, I found this book’s app driven approach to be a fun way of learning.



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