Meet the chefs making money from Google+

My wife is a great cook. But she went for lessons and that’s why she is better than me in the kitchen.

If your cooking sucks, you might want to meet these forward thinking chefs on Google+. They have built a service on top of Google+ Hangouts which is the video feature of Google+, and they’ve aptly named the service Chef Hangout.

Here is how it works. Once you’ve paid for a cooking lesson, you can join the class via a Google+ Hangout video session and watch, learn, and ask questions from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Apart from teaching you how to use a knife properly, the chefs have cooking lessons ranging from whipping up Vegan Ice Creams, to roasting stuffed pork tenderloins for people like me with a taste for artery-clogging meals.

However, if you are not interested in learning how to cook, you might still want to go over to their site and see how these chefs have figured out a way to make money from Google+ Hangouts by building a billable service on top of it.

There aren’t too many examples like this at the moment and in fact this could be the first successful billable service built on top of Google+ Hangouts.

This example also has the potential to get creative juices flowing in entrepreneurial types and business owners reading this.

Can you build a billable service on top of Google+ Hangouts?

Chef Hangout seem to be convinced that you can. And it looks like they have the appetite to lead the way.

Below is a profile of one of the chefs.



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