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All posts by Chenka Nkhata

Chenka Nkhata
Chenka Nkhata is a technology enthused individual. Although he understands geek speak, you probably won’t find him writing code in the middle of the night with owl like eyes. What he lives for is using new technologies excessively in the real word and writing about them. Having worked with leading IT companies such as Cisco, Dimension Data and Google at Grove Group, he has a few things to say about the newest tools for work and play, which of course are Internet based apps and mobile apps.
  • Facebook ‘friends’ may not be welcome on Google+

    Is Google+ a ghost town? A lot of people feel it is because their “friends” and family are not on Google+, they are on Facebook. But comments by some avid Google+ users seem to suggest that “friends” from Facebook may actually not be welcome or invited on Google+. According to Google+ tips and tricks guy M Sinclair Stevens, Facebook can be likened to your small hometown, where you know or supposed to know everybody. Google+ on the other hand requires big city thinking, where you get to connect with people based on shared interests and values. To put...

  • Meet the chefs making money from Google+

    My wife is a great cook. But she went for lessons and that's why she is better than me in the kitchen. If your cooking sucks, you might want to meet these forward thinking chefs on Google+. They have built a service on top of Google+ Hangouts which is the video feature of Google+, and they’ve aptly named the service Chef Hangout. Here is how it works. Once you've paid for a cooking lesson, you can join the class via a Google+ Hangout video session and watch, learn, and ask questions from the comfort of your own kitchen. Apart from teaching you...

  • Microsoft vs Google: 15 areas where they’re competing

    Microsoft and Google have a growing battle list which didn’t exist a few years ago. Nowadays, the two titans have more competing products and services than most technology companies could ever hope to develop in a lifetime. And the stakes are high. It’s probably a safe bet to assume that we are going to be seeing more mud-slinging like this Microsoft attack video and the counter punches from Google. From the growing battle list below, you can see Microsoft going after Google’s bread winners: search and advertising. Google is going after Microsoft’s massive income generators: Windows and Microsoft Office. The war is still in...

  • Why we shouldn’t be worrying about Google’s personalised ads

    Through Google Apps for Business, Google is quickly building a new business model and new revenue stream. But for the time being, Google still makes the bulk of its money, as in more than 90% of its revenue, from advertising. Its business model can be described as: build products that people want use, keep the products free by selling advertising, and attract millions of users. It’s a model that works, is resilient, and helped Google survive what is now referred to as the dotcom bubble burst of the year 2000. A period when a lot of internet companies...