Microsoft vs Google: 15 areas where they’re competing

Microsoft and Google have a growing battle list which didn’t exist a few years ago.

Nowadays, the two titans have more competing products and services than most technology companies could ever hope to develop in a lifetime. And the stakes are high.

It’s probably a safe bet to assume that we are going to be seeing more mud-slinging like this Microsoft attack video and the counter punches from Google.

From the growing battle list below, you can see Microsoft going after Google’s bread winners: search and advertising. Google is going after Microsoft’s massive income generators: Windows and Microsoft Office.

The war is still in its infancy, and the battles are both direct and indirect. But one thing is for sure: users of Microsoft and Google products are in for some interesting times as the two giants continue to square up:

Microsoft vs. Google: the growing battle list:

  1. Internet Browsing: Internet Explorer vs Google Chrome
  2. Office productivity: Office 365 vs Google Apps for Business
  3. Mobile: Windows Phone vs Android
  4. Operating System for Netbooks: Microsoft Windows vs Google Chrome OS (see Google Chromebooks here)
  5. Voice Calls: Skype vs Google Voice (Microsoft bought Skype for $8.5 billion)
  6. Search Engine: Bing vs Google
  7. Advertising: Microsoft Adcenter vs Google Ads
  8. Company intranet: Microsoft Sharepoint vs Google Sites
  9. Business email: Microsoft Exchange vs Gmail for Business
  10. Free email: Hotmail vs Gmail
  11. Cloud computing platform: Windows Azure vs Google App Engine
  12. Business Presence and Instant Messaging: Microsoft Lync vs Google Talk
  13. Online file storage: Windows Live SkyDrive vs Google Docs (rumoured to be renamed to Google Drive very soon)
  14. Social Networking: Microsoft has shares in Facebook vs Google+
  15. Photo gallery: Windows Live Photo Gallery vs Google Picasa

As they say…where there is competition, consumers benefit. So let the games begin!

Image courtesy yasincrow



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