Emerging markets tech expected to generate over $1-trillion in 2012

Emerging markets are where it’s at when it comes to tech. They’re where the next billion internet users will come from and some even reckon that the next wave of world-changing startups will come from within them.

Small wonder then that they’re set generate over US$1-trillion in IT spend this year.

According to tech research company Gartner, emerging markets in Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, and Central and Eastern Europe still have thriving tech scenes, despite economic deceleration and financial uncertainty in mature markets.

Luis Anavitarte, research vice president and head of emerging markets research at Gartner says the scene is looking especially vibrant in Brazil, Russia, India, Mexico and China (BRIMC).

In fact “this is where over half of emerging markets’ IT spending will be concentrated in 2012,” he says. This equates to about 17% of global tech spend and represents nearly $658 billion.

“And the markets remain far from saturated,” Anavitarte adds

Latin America’s tech scene will generate nearly US$326-billion in 2012, of which professional markets will represent 48.4%, reaching US$157.7-billion in 2012. Consumer markets meanwhile will reach US$168-billion.

Saudi Arabia, Turkey and South Africa are set to account for nearly 35% of the US$244 billion to be spent in the Middle East and Africa 2012. The Middle East and Africa professional markets represent 38% of the total IT market in the region, and will reach US$93-billion in 2012.

Central and Eastern Europe meanwhile are expected to generate nearly US$158-billion in IT spending in 2012. Russia’s share of IT spending in the region in 2012 is expected for be nearly 45%, followed by Poland with 11.8%, the Czech Republic with 7.7 % and Hungary with 3.7%.

Countries in the Asia-Pacific region are expected to be the big winners though, reaching around $496- billion in IT spending in 2012. Emerging Asia-Pacific professional markets will reach 42% of this figure, while consumer IT spending is set to account for around US$288-billion.

Anavitarte reckons that “IT budget increases are expected in emerging markets for 2012 and end users’ top technology priorities include cloud computing and mobile technologies.”

He also says that people should shift their focus away from developed markets in favour of certain emerging ones. He does caution, however, that they will need to be careful about how they spend their money if they decide to move beyond the slightly more established BRIMC countries.



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