LeWeb London: Faster than real time

Popular French tech conference LeWeb is making its way to London this June. The tech couple behind LeWeb revealed the theme for LeWeb London: Faster than real time. How much faster can something occurring immediately be? How is that even possible?

It seems there is a way, as Loic and Geraldine Le Muer point out: “Whether it’s Highlight, constantly broadcasting your location, or Voxer, a walkie-talkie social experience born out of the fields of war torn Afghanistan, it is clear that our appetite for split-second interaction is insatiable.”

There are a few ways the conference hopes to explore the concept of “Faster than Realtime”:

Not only are new technologies giving us what we crave, the entrepreneurs behind them must exist in this Faster than Real Time world to compete. They must remain laser focused, yet have cat-like reflexes to adapt, pivot, whatever it takes to stay in the game.

One entrepreneur says it feels like you are operating in a ‘suspended reality’. Moving along at light speed, then pausing ever so slightly while the world catches up, then off again. You go to bed one night with a great idea for a company and you wake up in the midst of your first round of funding. Well, not exactly. But you get the point.



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