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Zuckerberg joins Viddy, sparks Instagram comparisons

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has joined video-sharing service Viddy, potentially providing a massive boost to the company.

Under the username Zuck, the young billionaire also posted a video of his dog Beast playing around the house.

According to The Next Web, the video has generated some 1 200 likes. The tech news site speculates, however, that it could get a lot more were he to share it on his Facebook page, which has over 13-million subscribers.

Although there isn’t anything to confirm that he might be interested, the company is probably hopeful that Zuckerberg will like it enough to shell out some serious money for it — as he recently did for Instagram.

Viddy is often compared to Instagram, which could fuel speculation of a possible buyout.

Thing is, Zuckerberg might not find spending the company’s money so easy once it finally goes public.

The video-sharing service already has around 15-million users and has reportedly just completed a new round of funding.

Its investors include massive tech names and celebrities such as Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, rap mogul Jay Z, Skull Candy’s Jeff Kearl, pop star Shakira and her partner, soccer player Gerald Pique.

TechCrunch recently reported that the latest round of funding amounted to around US$30-million, giving Viddy a valuation of US$370-million.

So is Viddy Instagram for video or not? You decide.

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