22seven opens to public

With all the hype and drama surrounding the launch of personal finance app 22seven, it’s hard to believe it’s been in beta all this time. All that’s about to change.

That’s right, the product that generated massive online buzz and was blocked, then embraced, by banks is finally opening up to the public.

The company claims that in the three months since its beta launch, it’s been “fixing bugs, getting feedback from users”, and “gauging how much 22seven is helping people do more with their money”.

22seven also claims the site people find tomorrow will include a couple of changes, including a new design, a new way of viewing your balances, and a way to get perspective on your money over time.

The company claims its new site is “lighter, brighter and simpler”. It also says you can now contribute to the Conversations feature without having to log in.

22seven says the way it shows balances is very different to the way banks usually do. You can, it claims see how much actual money have in your account, how much you owe, and how much you can still borrow from the bank.

The company also says it’s changed the way you view its tools. It claims they’re now arranged “in a way that helps you look at what you did, are doing and can do with your money”.



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