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All posts tagged "22seven"

  • 8 apps addressing some of South Africa’s pressing problems [Digital All Stars]

    Digital All Stars is a series of articles which aims to celebrate the best of South African digital. The articles, which will appear on Memeburn and Ventureburn, recognise and celebrate South Africa’s best digital entrepreneurs, business people, advertisers, and media professionals among others. South Africa is a unique country with unique challenges, but technology (and innovative solutions using technology) is attempting to solve these issues, or at least reduce their impact on society. With the commonality of smartphones across all income levels of society, running the likes of Android, iOS and Windows, apps have become one of the more essential change...

  • Weekly Round Up Podcast #100: 22Seven, Super Mario Run & more

    Welcome to Weekly Roundup, our podcast discussing the latest tech trends, innovation and news from the past few days. This time, Hadlee Simons plays host to Andy Walker only, as Graham van der Made and Matthew Alexander are away. The team discuss the personal finance app 22seven's absorption into Old Mutual, resulting in the founders' departures. We ponder how long the deal has been in place, and what South Africans should expect with the change. We also discuss the #CupBlowingChallenge, in which teenagers are partaking in a strange science trick involving cups and the sheer force of their breath. We marvel at the...

  • 22seven opens to public

    With all the hype and drama surrounding the launch of personal finance app 22seven, it's hard to believe it's been in beta all this time. All that's about to change. That's right, the product that generated massive online buzz and was blocked, then embraced, by banks is finally opening up to the public. The company claims that in the three months since its beta launch, it's been "fixing bugs, getting feedback from...

  • Five minutes with 22seven founder ahead of Net Prophet talk

    Online money management system 22seven blew into our collective consciousness at the beginning of this year under a controversial storm. Most of that controversy centered around the fact that the service allowed third-party applications to access users' banking details. The innovative startup is the brainchild of 20Twenty founder Christo Davel, and is billed as an "intelligent money-saving tool" that plugs directly and securely into users' personal bank accounts and then delivers analysis on spending habits. It’s one of the sexiest startups to launch on the African continent, with funds from multiple unnamed investors. Davel is a serial entrepreneur with a wealth...

  • 30 brilliant African tech startups

    The methodology behind this list of startups had two simple directives. First, the startup had to have African roots and secondly it had to be brilliant. More specifically, we were looking for that type of brilliance that exudes intelligence, talent, quality or simply, something fresh. Of course brilliance, like most things in life, is subjective, so we went into this journey with an open mind. Tabula rasa if you will and we hoped to recognise brilliance when we saw it. We did, over and over again. Why did we focus on Africa? The continent’s one-billion people are coming online and 600-million...

  • FNB becomes first bank to add official support for 22Seven

    At least one major South African bank appears to have changed its tune on financial management app 22Seven. First National bank (FNB) has issued a press release claiming that it will "allow access to 22Seven". The bank claims that it made the decision as part of an "ongoing attempt to create simple and convenient solutions for its customers". "FNB has set a precedence of responding to our customer's needs with innovative products and services. We are now providing a secure means to engage with 22Seven in response to our customers’ need to learn more about their financial behavior,”...

  • 22seven, the gamification of personal finances

    The well-known founder of the pioneering online bank 20Twenty Christo Davel is hitting the market with a new startup, also in the financial management space. 20Twenty was an acclaimed South African online banking platform and an acknowledged leader for its time, but eventually went under when its bricks-and-mortar backing bank, Saambou, collapsed. 20Twenty was later sold to Standard Chartered for a cool US$10-million and closed. The new venture, the similarly-named 22Seven, is billed as an “intelligent money saving tool” that plugs directly and securely into your personal bank accounts and then delivers analysis on your spending habits. And this is what...