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‘The Spear’: Tweet that ‘broke’ City Press editor’s back is fake

The latest news in the ongoing ‘Spear of the Nation’ saga is that the tweet which made City Press editor Ferial Haffajee decide to remove the painting from the website wasn’t sent by someone she’d known since university — but rather by his fan account.

In a recent post explaining her decision to take down on the website, Haffajee said:

The tweet that broke this camel’s back was one by Patrice Motsepe, the businessman and soccer baron whom I have known since university and with whom I thought I had a congenial relationship.

He said I probably don’t want the painting to come down as I need it for the long lonely nights. I presume he meant its phallus. He knows I am single. It must have taken great anger to get a man I know to be of elegance and wit to get to such a point.

I play tough tackle and expect to get intellectually whipped when I do. But this humiliation I can well live without. It’s simply not worth it and I guess we have made our point and must move on.

The tweet in question was sent by Patrice Motsepe’s fan account (which has since changed its display name):

The Twitter user was surprised to discover they contributed to Haffajee’s decision, especially since it states in their Twitter bio that they are running a fan account. They tweeted:

Hafajee later confirmed the mistake:

City Press removed photographs of the painting, which depicts South African president Jacob Zuma with his genitals exposed, after concerns for the safety of the newspaper’s journalists and vendors. Hafajee called the move an “olive branch”, after the ruling party called for a boycott of the newspaper. The removal of images of the painting has received mixed reactions on social media sites.

Author | Nur Bremmen: Staff reporter

Nur Bremmen: Staff reporter
Nur is an enigma with a passion for creating words. He recently entered a love affair with technology and chorizo sausages. He travels a lot -- you catch him, if you can, at a Silicon Cape event every now and again. More
  • Haffajee, I dont agree with the move.1000s of africans support you too. I dont think a mans opinion attacking your sexual conduct should be the straw that breaks the camels back. As a professional, I am surprised that you see his opinion as valid, at the end of the day men will always attack from an egotistical viewpoint&you should have put it down to that rather than allow him to affect you. Furthermore, he was actually proving to you that he is not freedom rights fighter because nobody who stands in the way of the truth(fictional art included) believes in freedom of press. If he did then even the ugliest things would still get to the public. I am very surprised you allowed someone clearly thinking with his own genitals to affect you. Thanks for standing your ground as long as you did, I support freedom of speech ALWAYS

  • Kelton Hallo

    Quicksilver (Magneto’s son) and Shuma-Gorath!

  • Jeremy Rance

    Rhino and Hawkeye

  • Tom C

    Apocalypse and Sentry

  • Kraevn

    Susan Storm (Invisible Woman) Hawkeye

  • Monica Young

    Invisible Woman and Hawkeye are not there!

  • jpwilson

    Firestar and Nightcrawler

  • Its Ms Cleo to you ♔

    Invisible Woman and Captain America

  • Ein

    Banshee and Squirrel Girl

  • Kelton Hallo

    Thanks! How do I contact you with my information? :)

  • It is a pity, because it’s a very well-designed machine, but at that price a laptop twice the speed can be purchased elsewhere. Let us know what you’ll be picking up instead.

  • Mark Chipman

    As I mentioned you provided a great review, good job. After spending so much blood and treasure
    diagnosing and then removing the culprit drivers I now have the Ativ Book 8
    operating at peak performance. At this point it is behaving the way I think it
    was originally designed for (High-end development/business and yes even
    gaming). Just to clarify I work as a software developer.

    The whole reason I purchased this machine is that I am
    currently working remotely on location out of a hotel room, my workhorse for
    the past few years has a been a Dell Z600(modified with 2 256 samsung SSD
    drives). My dev requirements dictated a few VM’s and the Z600 with a core duo low
    voltage cpu would not even be a
    consideration. There was a sale at a local BB so I picked it up as it was one
    of only a few full i7 machines that they were selling with all cores(Not low
    voltage). I was going to pull the trigger on the Toshiba with the Haswell based
    cpu 4700MQ over this 3635QM i7 . The Toshiba was just too big(17 incher) The Ativ 8 had all the right specs for my

    One caveat is I am a long time gamer and love to break up
    the long hours of dev time with some interludes of gaming. I can attest that
    after the corrections and reconfigurations this notebook is perfect for gaming
    at medium settings at full HD, the AMD 8770 really shines under DayZ or even Sniper
    Elite2. Those are the only games I pulled from Steam to test. They both perform
    very well on the Ativ 8.

    The only other observation I can provide is that Windows 8’s
    metro side will always use 15 to 20% of the hardware, the installed hard
    mounted 8GB the Ativ 8 has will be used up very quickly especially when
    operating VM’s or while gaming, so another 8GB stick is definitely required for
    optimal use in these scenario’s . Just my 2 cents, now the decision to return
    it or keep it


  • Jon Wilbur Ong Tan

    I’m with you on that. If anyone can post step by step instructions on how to uncripple this laptop pls do so.

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