100k apps published on Windows Phone store

Over 100 000 apps have now been published on the Windows Phone store at a rate of 313 a day, with nearly 10 000 added in the last month.

That’s according to All About Windows Phone (AAWP) — a site dedicated to well, everything Windows Phone.

It should be noted however that those numbers come with a bit of a caveat. One hundred thousand plus apps might have been published, but just under 90 000 are currently available for download. According to AAWP, the 10 000 or so missing apps have either been removed by Microsoft or unpublished by their publishers.

That said, the store’s growth has been pretty phenomenal, especially over the last few months.

Microsoft still has some way to go if it is to make gains on Google’s Play Store, which has over 500 000 apps, and Apple’s App Store, with over 600 000 apps. If it wants to attract app developers and redress that situation, it will also have to address its low market share. That won’t be an easy feat.

Despite a strategic tie-in with Nokia, phones running operating systems built by the Redmond-based software giant currently account for just 1.9% of the mobile market. That’s down from the 2.9% market share it had at the same time last year.



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