10 of the quirkiest tweets from the Mars Rover landing

When the Curiosity Rover landed on Mars earlier today, it represented humanity at its best. The mission, designed to see if Mars ever supported microbial life, pushes to the technological boundaries of what is possible. So naturally when Curiosity touched down on the planet’s surface, anyone in the know celebrated. And then Twitter got involved.

Sure most of the tweets were appropriately celebratory, but as is the case with most celebrations there were a few jokers in the pack. Some were a bit lame, but there were a good few pearlers out there. Memeburn picked out some some of the best for you. Enjoy:

One user remembered that the character of Howard Wallowitz from TV show The Big Bang Theory does work for NASA on Mars Rovers:

There were, of course, references to the Olympic Games, with a few digs at US broadcaster NBC thrown in for good measure:

Appropriately for a social media platform, there were a couple of quips based on Instagram and Foursquare:

The chocolate-based puns were fairly obvious, but still awesome for anyone who’s ever eaten a Mars Bar:

Mars was one of the first planets where we looked for extra terrestrial life. Given that finding out if there ever was life on the planet is part of Curiosity’s mission, it’s hardly surprising that there was a joke about it killing the one form of life on the planet:



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