Mobile payments company offers young African devs place at top conference

Right, by now we should’ve cottoned onto the fact that the future of mobile payments is pretty damn big.

Africa’s always had a weighty punch in this market. After all people on the continent have been using mobile to make money transfers since at least 2002. Investing in the future of Africa’s mobile developers seems pretty damn sensible then.

Mobile payments enabler TrustPay seems to be taking a step toward doing exactly that by offering five €650 access passes to African app developers for the upcoming Mobile Entertainment Africa 2012 conference.

The company clams it has been a passionate supporter of the app developer community since it built a seamless in-app payment solution that enables app developers to monetise their work and receive payment “no matter where they, or their customers, are in the world”.

TrustPay founders, Sean D Conde, reckons the sponsored passes are a great way to support the people who’ve made mobile so compelling:

Our access pass sponsorship is a great way for TrustPay to connect with talented African app developers who are building awesome world-leading apps with a local flavour. I hope that it contributes to the buzz that is beginning to build around the in-app payment solution TrustPay offers. It is all very well building highly creative apps but you still need to receive payment for your work. TrustPay solves an age-old app developer dilemma.

The sponsorship is a collaboration between the company and conference organising company All Amber.

All Amber founder Matthew Dawes admits the deal is good for the image of the conference. He also reckons though that the event will benefit from the presence of the five eventual winners:

From our perspective, partnership agreements such as this are very well received by the mobile community. The conference itself will benefit as five of the brightest app developers become involved in the proceedings. The app developers benefit as they are able to attend a business-focused event of the highest calibre at no cost. Finally, TrustPay gets the opportunity to illustrate their commitment to the growth and monetisation of the developer community.

Anyone interested in entering can do so by emailing and providing a brief motivation about their dedication to mobile software development.

The conference takes place on 29 and 30 August in Cape Town.



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