10 reasons why your next campaign absolutely has to include mobile video

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Like it or not, mobile is fast becoming the predominant way many consumers access the internet. It also goes without saying that visual content is a lot more engaging and has a much higher share rate than plain old text.

So what happens when you combine the two? Well you get mobile video content. Here are 10 reasons why it’s so important to your digital strategy.

1. Booming audiences
The saying “fish where the fish are” applies here, and mobile audiences have seen massive growth. People are spending more and more time consuming and interacting with content via mobile devices so in order to reach them, you need to be there.

2. Easy and simple usage
It’s a lot easier to explain something using a video than using a long drawn out written piece. Use video to explain your brand, product or service in a quick and easy way which gets the point across in one simple step.

3. Remain relevant
Users choose what content they want to consume by using mobile to streamline what content they want to engage with. By using video content not only do you get your point across quickly, but it allows you to stay relevant. IIf you aren’t giving users what they want they’ll go somewhere else.

4. Video is social
Video doesn’t only make consumption and explanation a lot easier, but it is an inherently social activity. People watch videos together and interact through comments frequently, so including it as part of your communication strategy will allow you to ignite conversations and grow your reach through the viral spin-off that video brings to the party.

5. People like to share
On that note, besides the social aspect, video is the most shareable content. Videos go viral, not articles. Something to keep in mind. The more video content you create the higher the chances of your content being shared and spread across your users’ communities – increasing your reach and exposure.

A prime example is Buck Norrs. Who would have thought it would have been one of the most talked about and shared videos of 2011?

6. SEO 101. All hail YouTube
Video is a great source to boost your Search Engine Optimization. Possibly due to the fact that Google owns YouTube and if this is the platform you are using to share your videos, the chances of your content being found are that much greater. Video content holds a lot more value in search results so even if you are using other platforms (besides YouTube) your rankings will be a lot higher.

7. It’s all about engagement
Because video is social, and people like to share it, the engagement levels are automatically a lot higher — especially on mobile. Creating emotional connections is a lot easier through video, and by the nature of the mobile environment, users would have specially made a decision to watch (and interact with) your content, thus increasing the level of engagement.

8. Create a brand experience
Written word doesn’t quite cut it when you’re trying to convey an experience. Video allows you to bring emotion, culture and oomph to your content in your portrayal of your brand and the experience. Do you think #RedBull would have been able to get the same experience across in a written article?

9. Leave your mark
Video is a lot more memorable and people are more likely to recall information they have watched compared to something they have read. Video can also help you set the tone for your brand and leave a striking impression.

10. Cast your net a little further
Video content allows you to significantly extend your reach. As I mentioned earlier, people like to share video — it’s a lot more social and memorable, so the chances of video content being brought up, discussed and shared after the user has watched it are a lot higher.

The bottom line is people are constantly on the go and mobile devices have become an additional appendage. Mobile video content allows you to stay relevant, engaging and in the back pocket of your audience.



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