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Easily embed entire streams of tweets with Twitter’s new tool

Because we are the type of website which is likely to embed tweets where and whenever possible, it’s nice to know that Twitter is making the whole sharing process even easier. There are situations where one tweet isn’t enough: what if you’d like to embed a whole stream of tweets on your website? Previously, the way to do it involved a lot of copying and pasting or the use of a curation tool like Storify… but thanks to a new update, it’s become a simpler process.

Twitter’s product manager Brian Ellin announced (via an official blog post) that the social network has developed a new tool which will let you embed streams of tweets across the web. Whether you want to embed your personal updates or your company’s Twitter stream on your site, or display a feed relating to a particular hashtag, the fully interactive stream is customisable to meet your particular requirements. You can include tweets from a list, an account’s favourites or search term: as long as the tweets are public.

Just like the individually embedded tweets, you’ll be able to follow accounts, see expanded link previews and favourite and retweet messages in the stream. Its developers say the new tools will load quickly, scale depending on your site’s traffic, update in real time and will work in all “modern” browsers. Some of the organisations that are already using the new feature on their websites include London Fashion Week and ESPN.

Want to start spreading the tweets? Head on over to Twitter’s new widget tool. The entire process will take you about five seconds (or slightly longer if you’d like to customise it to make the links magenta or show expanded images). The widget’s settings will be saved in your account, so you can go back to edit it later.

Author | Lauren Granger

Lauren Granger
While studying towards her Bachelor of Journalism degree at Rhodes University, Lauren gave into her fascination with everything digital. As she was more interested in creeping tech sites and Twitter than she was in picking up one of those printed things called 'newspapers', she decided to specialise in... More

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