iFamily Stickers: rush hour traffic is for showing off your Apple fanaticism

Machead? This will make your iSensibilites go haywire. You know those family stickers you often see on rear windshields? Designer Graham Shillington, a longtime Apple geek, decided to create a range of stickers to represent each device in the Apple range, from the hefty Mac Pro tower to the tiny iPod shuffle.

Rear vehicle windscreens used to be a place where you describe your family — sometimes in Star Wars attire — but now, Apple fanatics can show everyone in traffic how big their iFamilies are with iFamily Stickers. It’s quite brilliant.

Apple is one of the world’s most iconic brands and recently became the world’s most valuable company. With its world-class product range, the brand also has cult-status among its followers who will queue for days waiting for the release of the company’s latest products.

Each of the 16 stickers are expertly designed to match every curve and detail of the real machine and are screen-printed white on clear 2-3y perm vinyl. The sticker range is also completely up to date including the latest releases of the iPhone 5, iPod touch and iPod nano.

Stickers are priced at US$1.99, US$2.99 and the full set goes for US$29.99

Shut up and take our money!



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