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LEGO Play time: Geeks be geeking out [Video]

It’s Friday afternoon, you’re counting down the clock ’til home time, yes you are. So what do you do? YouTube. While researching stuff on the popular video site we came across this incredible Lego contraption that is part of Great Ball Contraption (GBC).

The point of GBC, if you must give it one, is to get Lego enthusiasts from all around the world who get a kick out of creating Great Ball Contraptions — a large, modular machine that does nothing but move balls around in a never-ending route — to build some. So there is really no point to the contraption expect to move balls around, it does nothing, but we’ve been watching a video of this one non stop.

This one is built by a guy named akiyuky, if his YouTube page is anything to go by, this guy builds a lot of Lego-based things and has been assembling his GBC for while.

According the Technabob.com, the contraption is “about 101 feet long and shuffles 500 balls around. It took akiyuki a total of 600 hours to finish this machine”. That’s a lot of hours and a lot balls.

Akiyuky’s GBC is so mesmerizing you cannot help but be captured by the sheer awesomeness and ingenuity behind it.

So geeks, I give you your afternoon play time fun with Lego, you’re welcome.

Author | Mich Atagana

Mich Atagana
Mich started out life wanting to be a theoretical physicist but soon realized that mathematics was required. So, she promptly let go of that dream. She then decided that law might be the best place for her talents, but with too many litigation classes missed in favour of feminist... More

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