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Apple set to expand China presence with Shenzen store

If the name Shenzen seems vaguely familiar to you, it’s probably because it’s where the majority of the world’s electronics, including all of Apple’s shiny products are made.

Now the Cupertino-based giant is set to open up its first ever store there. The Apple store will open up on 3 November in a luxury shopping centre in the city.

According to The Next Web, the store — which will be Apple’s seventh in the country — was confirmed as being scheduled to open by company SVP John Browett.

One of the possible side effects of Apple having an official presence in Shenzen is that the number of “grey market” iDevices smuggled across from Hong Kong, which already has two stores, will take a dip.

That effect may only be really noticeable however if Apple is able to bring the release date of its devices in mainland China more in-line with those of Hong Kong.

The technology giant recently launched Wangfujing, which is the largest in Asia, running up three stories.

According to Apple’s latest quarterly earnings, China now represents around 15% of the company’s total revenue for 2012. According to The Next Web, it contributed US$5.7-billion in the fourth quarter alone.

Now imagine how high that would be without all the fake, but incredibly convincing, stores selling fake products?

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